ECOSAM® Fogging Disinfectant Liquid

ECOSAM® Fogging Disinfectant Liquid, NEA-listed ingredient

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ECOSAM® Fogging Disinfectant Liquid

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ECOSAM Inkjet Systems Pte Ltd

ECOSAM® Fogging Disinfectant Liquid

Explore our exclusive ECOSAM® fogging disinfectant liquid, specially formulated for use in fogging machines. While we don't deal in the machines themselves, our focus is on providing a high-quality fogging solution. Our product features an NEA-listed ingredient recognized for its effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus, ensuring optimal safety and hygiene. Ideal for a variety of settings including offices, schools, and healthcare facilities, ECOSAM® disinfectant liquid is designed to work efficiently with your existing fogging equipment. Trust ECOSAM® for a thorough, deep-cleaning experience that targets and neutralizes harmful pathogens, including the coronavirus, to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

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