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ECOSAM Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
ECOSAM® Alcohol Hand Sanitizers
ECOSAM Hand Sanitiser Dispersers Singapore National Day Parade 2022 Ticketing
ECOSAM Hand Sanitiser Dispersers Singapore National Day Parade 2022 Ticketing
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ECOSAM® Alcohol Hand Sanitizers

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Hand Sanitizer Singapore

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Alcohol Hand Sanitizers

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Discover ECOSAM®: Singapore's Top Moisturizing Alcohol Hand Sanitizer with 99.99% Germ and COVID-19 Virus Protection, Ideal for Hospitals and Clinics. It features VICTORIA Moisturizer for optimal skin health at pH 5.5. It is a quick and effective application that takes just 5 seconds.

AHS 500 EL - Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 500ml Elizabeth.

AHS 500 LV - Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 500ml Lavender.

AHS 500 LG - Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 500ml Lemongrass.

AHS 500 PP - Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 500ml Peppermint.


Discover the Aromatic World of Our Hand Sanitizers: Choose from four unique fragrances to elevate your hygiene routine. Featuring the signature ELIZABETH blend with 20 natural herbs, fruits, and flowers - A luxurious fusion of bergamot, white tea, mandarin, ginger, peony, mimosa, and wild lavender. Additionally, our collection includes the soothing essence of lavender, the refreshing zest of lemongrass, and the cool, invigorating touch of peppermint. Each scent is designed to provide a delightful hand-sanitizing experience.

Auto Dispensers

Upgrade to Our Advanced Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser: Effortless Installation in Just 5 Minutes, Backed by a 1-Year Warranty. This State-of-the-Art Sanitizing Solution Features a Refillable 1.2L Tank Powered by Four C-size batteries for Long-Lasting Performance. Choose from Two Convenient Models - Our Compact Wall-Mount Unit, Weighing a Light 500 Grams with Dimensions of 15x11x30cm, Perfect for Space-Saving Needs, or Opt for the Sturdy Floor-Stand Unit, Weighing 3 Kilograms and Standing at 35x35x160cm, Ideal for High-Traffic Areas. Both Units Offer a Seamless, Touch-Free Sanitizing Experience, Ensuring Maximum Hygiene and Safety for All Environments.

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